Craft Week

It’s been a week of crafts.  Moving into a new apartment and time to decorate for two meteorology majors 😀

I made this one earlier this week.  The image behind the paint is of a major landmark in Paris.  The quote is from Coco Chanel

Once I started taking the letters off, I realized there needs to be some kind of sealant between the letters and the poster.  The letters were trying to take the photo with them and leaving all sorts of blank spaces as seen in the W in TWO and the F and U in FABULOUS

So I made this to decorate the living room and also to have a trial run in making one similar for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary.  Upon making his, I decided to put a clear coat of paint on the poster before I put the letters on the poster.  The photo before I put the sealant on it:

It is obviously still in the store with the plastic wrap on it. 

Today’s job is to place the letters and then paint the poster.  Will post more pictures later on.

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