My first half-marathon. #r2r #ouch #nopainnogain #friends #heroes #IFinished

Edit: 5/1/13
Several days after finishing my first half marathon – I am still sore.  I am terrible at training and therefore did not have a wonderful time nor was I prepared.  I finished in 3 hrs and 5 minutes.  It was a struggle for the last half of the course, but I made sure I finished!  I would not have been able to do this without my friends support on the course or my family cheering me on from the side.

I was able to run the first 4 miles of it or so, but then I began slowing down.  Seeing the Fire-Fighters out there made me want to run for those that cannot anymore, so I would run for a bit before I would walk.

This weekend was a great memory and I am now encouraged to continue to run and participate in these events.   Training will begin back up after finals…

9 days till I am home…
14 days till I am in Dayton, Ohio…
18 days till I start my internship

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