Internship is over and I’m missing it.

Week 10:

             Another short week is over and I learned a lot.  I spent much of week preparing for the next week.  Monday was another day I went in and worked on my forecasting.  Larry was going to be on assignment and would not be able to do the evening shows, so Jeff Jamison filled in.  We looked at the models and I am continuing to learn how the NAM compares to the GFS and the EURO.  The EURO tends to be the model of choice I have noticed.  I also got to learn more about social media.  I have gotten faster with the blog writing and better at describing what is going on in just a limited number of words.  Tuesday I helped Larry with his on air radar products.  He needed someone to run the query for the amount of rain that had been falling over the area.  I would run the radar equipment and run the query while Larry was on the Chromakey.  It was so exhilarating knowing that I helped the meteorologists and I also helped the viewers understand how much rain had fallen and how dangerous the flooding could be.  On Wednesday, Larry and I spent most of the afternoon working on my resume (paper copy).  We rearranged the layout and reworded things to make my resume sound better and make it more appealing to a news director.

Week 11:

                I cannot believe that this week is already over.  This summer has gone by so quickly and there is so much that I learned while at the station.  My last week at the station was an emotional one.  I spent a large amount of time thanking everyone for teaching me so much this summer.  I continued to work on the excel document I have mentioned in the past.  It is now complete and I will attach it in the email.  I spent the first part of the week practicing for my final taping event.  Thursday was my last day of my internship.  It was not only a special day for me, but a special day for the station.  Dr. Phil was in town to visit the station and he spent the afternoon with the station.  My final taping event was also Thursday.  Larry told me multiple times that he believed I was ready for my first job.  He had no more pointers for me while I was taping that he had me start taping the teases that are done before and during the commercial breaks.  After I finished taping, Larry invited me back to tape during the semester.  I have been truly blessed to have had this opportunity.  After this summer, I know there is still much to learn, that comes with practice and the change in stations, but I believe I am truly ready for my first job.

This summer I spent over 200 hours at the station.  I have been beyond blessed and I cannot wait to see what my future brings.

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