Minimum 40 Days of Shakes and Fitness

As today is Ash Wednesday, I have found what it is I am going to change these 40 days.

I have done the giving up soda, giving up chocolate, and many other things.  This time I am going to try something positive rather than “giving up” something.

For the next 40 days, I will be working out in some form everyday and drinking 2 Herbalife shakes a day.  Today is Day #1 and I have already had my two shakes, but still need to do a workout.  I am doing an Ab challenge this month and plan to continue that throughout the time.

It is slowly starting to sink in that I am graduating in 66 days.  It is extremely concerning.  I do not consider myself overweight or unhealthy, but I am determined to tone-up my body before graduation so I can look good in a bikini (who wouldn’t want to) and so I can wear those awesome dresses without a jacket all the time.

In order to keep myself to this, I have told my two best-friends and my boyfriend.  I’m hoping they will continue to support me (as they always have) and will drag my bum to the gym when I am not feeling it.  I know there will be days that my body will need to rest, and those are days I am planning to work very lightly and focusing on a certain muscle group/area.

My two shakes today were: Captain Crunch Berries and Lemon Pound Cake (both tasted great BTW!!)

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