Starting a New Hobby

As seen a few posts ago, I started a new hobby – Crochet.  My wonderful mother taught me while we waiting to get our nails done.  I found crochet to be a very simple project for me and I found it is relatively brainless.

My first project started as a pot holder, but I was unable to stay attentive long enough and kept dropping stitches – therefore I pulled out a lot of the stitches and made a coffee cup sleeve.

Once I finished this, I decided to make a hot pad for our kitchen.  I’m in love with this yarn, so I just want to continue making things with this color.  The pot holder was super easy and turned out great.

As this hobby continues, I will be making a blanket for one of my dear friends.  She is due at the beginning of May and I hope to have her blanket done not long after her baby boy is due.  I will soon be posting pictures of how this goes along with how my graduation is going.

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