Wedding #1 – Mock and Crews

This past weekend I got see two wonderful people start a life together. Not only have they moved across the country together, but they have sealed their love in vows and moved onto the next chapter.  

Thursday started with a lovely and sunny drive from DFW to Tulsa to go to the Bachelorette party.  This bride-to-be was truly a blast to hang out with and I’m so glad I was able to meet her high school friends as well.  We started the night with introductions, dinner at Cheddars (with drinks of course), then back to an apartment for Disney themed drinks and a spa night.  It was truly fun getting to embarrass her and make her wear two sashes stating she was a bride-to-be. 

Friday was spent goofing off with friends and having a great and relaxing day before Saturday.

Saturday was truly a blast!  I got to see the beautiful bride and her (now) handsome husband.  The venue was amazing – Woolaroc Park (North of Tulsa) was eye-opening and so perfect for this couple!  The way Laura and Andrew set up the area was beautiful and made me want to start planning my wedding immediately.  

A burlap runner was the center of the “room” leading to a tree stump that represented the alter for this couple.  I felt this truly represented them perfectly.  They love the outdoors, enjoy camping, and are uniquely in touch with nature.

As I was sitting waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle and watching their ceremony, I found myself continuing to feel like this was perfect for these two love-birds.  Although they are married, I will continue to call them love-birds, or maybe “love-squirrels” since they did have two cute little squirrels on top of their wedding pie.  

As the evening went on, my dear Laura Mock is now the first to be married off and for ever will be known as Mrs. Andrew Crews.  We got to watch the couple celebrate the start of a new chapter by dancing and talking with family and friends.  As Laura joined her college friends for a picture by the lake, a ladybug landed on her dress.  Since ladybugs landing on you is supposed to be good luck, we decided this occasion had to be document since she was in her dress.

As we celebrated and ended the night, it was clear the college girls were holding back some tears.  This was the last time we would all be together until the next wedding or significant life event. Until that time, we have this photo together and our weekly Google hangouts to fill the void.

For more photos that are prettier and more professional – check out the wedding photographer’s website:

Laura and Andrew – I wish you the greatest happiness and joy on this new adventure.  Never get too busy to skip out on a camping trip and remember to always watch for fireflys.

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