TGIF — Decent Temps, Rain Remains in Forecast

It is Friday in Texoma and that means the first Friday Night Football for some schools has arrived!

Clouds will increase throughout the day after a relatively clear start to enjoy the sunrise. Temperatures are in the low to mid 90s today with increasing cloud coverage.

Winds remain out of the south bringing in a large amount of moisture. With all the moisture in Texoma, rain chances will increase after sunset tonight and before sunrise tomorrow ahead of a MINOR cold front coming in. This will cause some problems for some of the area football games. Most of the rain I am expecting is in central portions of Texoma.

The rain will clear out leading to a great weekend in Texoma. The “cool” front moves through on Saturday. This does NOT change temperatures much, but does allow for the humidity levels to drop just a tad before we start September. Temperatures stay in the low to mid 90s through the next 7 days.

Any rain we receive will be welcomed with open arms. Back in June, the drought was almost non-existent in Texoma, but that has changed in the last part of summer.

Last week, the Abnormally Dry range was in 75% of Texoma with Moderate and Severe starting to move in.

Comparing this week (below) to last week (above), most places had an increase in drought conditions.

Abnormally Dry moved into the western portions of Texoma while Moderate move to the North and West from the previous week.

In far NE portions of Texoma, some large amounts of rain came through allowing the drought to disappear there.

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