Monday in Texoma Leads to a Sunshine Filled Week!

After a fantastic weekend in Texoma, with some people able to get some rain, the sunshine returns to Texoma to end August and start September.

A high pressure system settles into Texoma. Typically with these systems, clear skies are the norm. With the clear skies and winds out of the south, some great temperatures will be present, but they will be about 5° warmer than what is considered normal for the end of August. Keep in mind that winds out of the south means that dewpoints will start to climb as will the humidity making it feel just a little bit warmer than it really is outside.

With the warm temperatures and moisture back in Texoma, the possibility of pop up showers in the afternoon/evening are possible. Throw the umbrella in the car just in case you need it.

If you are spending time outside don’t forget the sunscreen and your sunglasses, but also keep in mind that as we move into fall (22 days away from September 23rd) pollen and allergies also flare up.

The most recent allergy report shows that Grass and Mold are LOW while Weeds and Trees are MODERATE. Be sure to take care of yourself out there Texoma.

The sunshine and warm temps stick around for the next 7 days, but a cold front starts to move closer to Texoma by the end of the 7 days bringing some changes our way after Labor Day.

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