First Day of Meteorological Fall Brings More Sunshine to Texoma

With today being September 1st, today is the first day of Meteorological Fall! The Autumnal Equinox is September 23rd so we still have a few days before that arrives.

After another cloudy start to the day, clouds will clear out in Texoma leading to a fantastic day! Temperatures in the low to mid 90s (much like yesterday). Winds remain out of the south continuing to bring in warm and moist air.

With the southern winds picking up throughout the day, allergies will still be a problem.

Grass and Mold are both at MODERATE levels while Weeds and Trees are at HIGH Levels. Be sure to take care of yourself in regards to allergies and being able to breathe.

A weak ridge of high pressure moves in from the west, allowing for a gradual and slight warm-up. With this system, temps will be about 5 degrees above normal. Although the rain is desperately needed, the next 7 days should remain rain-free. Texoma’s Labor Day weekend looks FANTASTIC with sunshine and nice temperatures. A cold front is headed to Texoma past the 7 day and might bring some much needed changes.

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