No Rain Expected for Friday Night Lights, but the Rain is INCHING Closer!

Another September Friday night in Texoma means another night of Friday Night FOOTBALL!

Football time in TEXOMA is upon us!

Not only is it another night for football, but it is almost time to start our holiday weekend! 

Looks like another great day although a little bit warm. Temps remain 5° warmer than normal across the area, but the sunshine is sticking around for us. Temps in the mid 90s today with winds out of the south. A mixture of clouds and sun can be expected today, but at least no rain is expected to mess with Friday Night Football!

With added humidity, this Labor Day Weekend will remain rain-free, but will be HOT with heat index values climbing into the triple digits. A cold front is headed to Texoma next week, bringing cloud coverage and some much needed rain. The rain will help with the drought and looks to peak mid-to-late week. Keep the umbrellas handy for this upcoming work week.

I know I am personally excited for the rain due to the drought conditions getting WORSE in portions of Texoma.

As of last week, the severe level of drought had NOT made it into Texoma yet, but that is a different story this week.

The severe (orange) is present in portions/all of Bryan, Choctaw, McCurtain, Pushmataha counties. This category is considered the middle level and could mean some damages.

Possible impacts include:

  • Crop/Pasture loss
  • Water shortage
  • Water Restrictions

Portions of far NE Texoma are doing ok in the drought because of rain the area received during the summer.

All rain received this week will be somewhat beneficial. Thankfully the rain holds off until our holiday weekend is over!

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