Rain Moving Into Texoma with COOLER Temps!

After temps climbed into the upper 90s and triple digits yesterday, today will be a SLIGHTLY nicer day.

Hot and humid conditions remain with heat indices in the triple digits again, but rain moving in this afternoon will be the start of a cool down and thunderstorm chances.

Tonight into Wednesday morning is going to be a different story. The cold front will be making its way through Texoma slowly, bringing thunderstorms with it. The thunderstorms will bring us some MUCH NEEDED rain and help temperatures cool down into the more Fall-like range for the end of the week and weekend.

Right now, it looks like most of the HEAVY stuff will be after midnight into the morning hours. The chance of thunderstorms decreases drastically after sunrise tomorrow.

The cold front will push through Texoma during the day on Wednesday allow for temperatures to drop over the next couple of days.

After the rain clears out and the cold front moves through, mild temperatures and fall-like conditions will remain. Another slight rain chances moves through Friday night into Saturday (might cause problems with Friday Night Football), but will be clear for a great (and COOLER) weekend!

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