A Sunshine Filled Week to Start Fall in Texoma

After rain made an appearance in Texoma, some places received no rain while others got over 2 inches!


Thankfully, we can now enjoy some sunshine to start fall.

For our Texoma Monday, a mostly cloudy start will lead to a clear afternoon. Temperatures in the upper 80s today will feel closer to what is considered normal, but this is the coolest day all week. Temperatures this time of year are typically in the mid 80s (averaged around 85°). Winds remain out of the south bringing back in warm and moist air into Texoma.


Throughout the week, sunshine will be in the forecast, but keep in mind that  the official start of fall is at 3:21 AM on WEDNESDAY! We are almost there!

With an upper-level ridge of high pressure building into Texoma, and large amounts of sunshine are headed our way, temperatures will be on average about 5 degrees warmer than normal. The first little bit of fall will be on the warm side.


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