COLD Temps Stick Around, More Rain Shortly

Well 2015 is coming to an end and it is finally starting to feel and seem like winter. That will stick around as we start 2016, BUT a slight warm up and even some rain is just on the horizon.

In Texoma, tonight (Wednesday night) will be another chilly one after the sun goes down. Temps will start to drop into the 30s and push towards the 20s for a morning low. Winds will remain out of the north, but will be less than 5 miles per hour on average.

Clouds stick around keeping temperatures a little bit on the warm side. The clouds act like a blanket across western portions of Texoma. In places where there is little to no cloud coverage, temperatures will be a little bit cooler.

As Thursday starts, clouds will still be thick across western Texoma, but all across Texoma, temperatures will be at or below freezing. On average, the morning low will be about 28°.

The freezing start will continue over the next several days. Winds remain out of the north continuous through the start of 2016 and into part of the weekend.

After a chilly start, temperatures will once again climb into the 40s across Texoma with the places without cloud coverage getting into the mid to upper 40s. Winds stay out of north, but clouds SLOWLY start to clear out.

New Years Eve and Day will be much of the same with chilly starts and cool/cold afternoons. As 2016 starts, a high pressure system will move into Texoma bringing some clear skies. Even with the clear skies, it will take some time for afternoon highs to warm up. Saturday morning will be the coldest start at 25° on average. Winds start to be back out of the west and south bringing warm (and moist) air into Texoma again. As this happens, temperatures will start to warm up, but another low pressure system is on its way with some cloud coverage and even some rain.

Be sure to keep the jacket handy if you are spending time outside and don’t put away those umbrellas just yet.

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