Waiting for Initiation

Pushing myself to go to the gym this week and start my change to being healthier is like waiting for storms to initiate…you just wait, wait, and wait some more.

The chance for storms continues in my area throughout the week – that means looking at all the computer models every few hours to get the latest information and constantly being on standby to come into work.

Being on standby means that I have to make sure I am ready to go on at any point.

  • Have work appropriate clothes
    • Dress for on air
    • Jeans/Polo/Rain boots to go out in the field
  • Have all my makeup on (or at least be able to touch it up)
  • Actually looking nice
    • Hair done
    • Not smelling bad (I don’t think the team would like it so much if I came in after running/working out for 90 minutes).

Personally, I find it hard to push myself when I know that I may have to go on air at any point. I think I am too scared that I will get done with my workout, have my hair in a sweaty, nasty pony tail, and get the call that I have to be back at work and go on air within 30 minutes.

July and August typically leave us with hot, humid, sunny days. By the end of my work day, I actually WANT to go to the gym so that I can release some energy and not have to feel like I am dying (like I would outside). This summer has NOT been the case; we’ve had rain/storm chances almost every week this summer and even had a tornado in August (which is somewhat rare).

There is *some* good news. Since my husband and I moved in together at the end of July (yes we were married for a month before OFFICIALLY living together), we’ve eaten decently healthy. Several of the wedding gifts we received came with coupons for Blue Apron, and we’ve enjoyed a few things from them (even with some mishaps).

I haven’t recently taken my measurements, but my husband has agreed that this weekend, we will write our goals – put them in our laundry room (best place for us in this house) and start the change on Monday. All measurements will be taken on Monday, placed in our trackers, and the tracking will begin!

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