Another week, a different track

Hurricanes – they seem to be on everyone’s minds. People in Texas are still cleaning up from Hurricane Harvey. Floridians and people of the islands are cleaning up from Irma while bracing for Hurricane Maria (others are starting the clean up process AGAIN).

Last week was rough. I got strep throat nearly a week and a half ago. While I quickly kicked it so I could get back to work and cover Hurricane Irma and Jose (remember I became a meteorologist because of hurricanes), I didn’t feel well enough until Friday of this last week to go to the gym.

The good news is because of the antibiotics and me being sick, I actually ate decently well and drank lots of water!

Monday, I was off work due to a schedule change so my week is starting on Tuesday (today)! Hubby and I are already planning on going to the gym the rest of the week (partially to get back into the habit and partially to make sure we accrue the points so we can get the discount for the next month’s membership).

Friday was a light ab/cardio day — think I  may need to do that again. During my cardio, I listened to a podcast that one of my best friends was a part of. This particular podcast I have participated in before as well when some colleagues and I presented our research at a conference. (Check our out my friends Addison Alford and Dr. Sean Waugh – it is already cued:

While listening. laughing (because so many of these people are funny and incredibly smart), and pedaling, I thought maybe the podcast/cardio route is what I need to try for a little while.

I’ve already downloaded this week’s podcast (they are at a conference so it should be interesting to listen to) and I’m prepared to listen to that over at least the next two cardio sessions.

With podcasts in mind and ready to get back into it, I believe that this week is going to be my week! I kinda have a plan for the gym that won’t be too bad.

One of the things that causes me to not consistently go to the gym is going too hard on day one or two and then being sore and in pain for the rest of the week. That will NOT be this week!


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