Think before you speak…

It seems like the easiest thing to do — don’t say something you don’t mean, don’t sound like an idiot, etc. But think about it on the other side — don’t brag, don’t make decisions about certain things based on your mood.

I came across a saying that spoke to me and decided that there are more than just the angry emotions we have to worry about in life. You can enjoy the happy times, but don’t go overboard; we all get angry, but don’t say something you might regret; when you’re trying to make decisions about something you’re on the fence about, don’t make the decision when you’re sad (or happy/mad for that matter).

Taking that extra moment to breathe and think before doing anything can save you a ton of trouble down the road, no matter which of the above is speaking to you specifically.

Take care of yourself and take time for yourself.

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