Figuring out the algorithm

Algorithm – A computer program (or set of programs) which is designed to systematically solve a certain kind of problem. Radars employ algorithms to analyze radar data and automatically determine parameters.


After spending multiple days at the gym, getting reacquainted with how my body feels with each machine, and actually re-learning some of the machines (oops), I’ve developed a base line for me to try over the next few weeks.

I ended up doing leg day with my husband and his brother (now my brother-in-law). They went a little harder and did a few more different things than I did, but I didn’t want to hurt my knee or go *too* hard. I actually would like to be able to walk the next day. My hip ended up popping on the adductor/abductor machines and it helped A TON – instead of feeling like Bambi, I felt GREAT!


Based on how leg day went and the cardio/ab day that I kinda do naturally when I’m at the gym and don’t want to do anything, I *think* I have devised an algorithm to get me through the gym.

I am going to try the 5 day workout below:

  1. Legs/Easy–>Moderate Cardio
  2. Deep Stretch/Yoga
  3. Shoulders/Arms/Easy–>Moderate Abs
  4. Hard –> Intense Cardio/Hard –> Intense Abs
  5. Chest/Back/Easy–>Moderate Cardio

There will be rest days based on what my body says.

The reason I am building in a deep stretch/yoga day is to not only give my body a break, but the husband says he is good at yoga, so I might as well build that in. I thoroughly ENJOY a good stretch, so we will combine them and make both of us happy.

The goal for this week is to not only complete one week of the workout (which should be VERY interesting), but also to feel better each and every day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physically because I’m sure there will be days that I am just sore from using muscles I didn’t know I had lol, but emotionally works too. I am determined to make this week better, partially because I get to take a FULL WEEK off work next week!


Spending a week off work will be a nice break, but I REFUSE to let this week off kick me off my track. I’ll be in Dallas with my parents for the week, BUT we are going to Canton Trade Days on Friday with some of my mom’s girlfriends (who have turned into my friends as I’ve gotten older), and going to the State Fair of Texas the following Wednesday.

If you’ve ever been to the fair, you know just how WONDERFUL the food is, but it can also KILL your diet. Hopefully, mom will split items with me like we have done in the past and I can get more steps than I have the last two years. The amount of steps we take each year at the fair has turned into a game to get more than the year before.


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