Working with great friends is a blessing!

K95.5 crew, LANCO, and myself.

Country music, an outdoor concert, friends, and I get to do this as part of my job?!? YES PLEASE!

This past Friday, my corporate company put on a FANTASTIC concert for a GREAT cause. Cox Communications and K95.5 hosted the annual Cox Community Concert featuring Thomas Martinez (a local artist), LANCO, and Josh Turner. In order to get a ticket, all people had to do was bring some non-perishable food to local cable stores and it all went to the Broken Arrow Food Pantry!

FOX23 is part of the Cox Communications family. I am blessed enough to work down the hall from K95.5 and several other sister radio stations. Cool things like this get to happen!

While I was at the concert representing FOX23, Matt Bradley (one of the morning show hosts from K95.5) asked if I wanted to meet LANCO and Josh Turner — HOW COULD I SAY NO?!?

I got to go back stage, hang out with LANCO. Ends up, one of them LOVES the weather. Of course, we had to discuss the weather and all that fun jazz. Right before they went on stage, the entire crew took a picture and Jenny Law popped in with her corn dogs!

Shortly after that picture, Matt and Natalie Cash (the other K95.5 morning co-host) invited myself and another co-worker (Preston Jones) to come on stage and introduce LANCO!

Throughout the night, I was able to meet some great viewers that watch FOX23, hang out with the awesome radio personalities, and have fun!

The night ended with me getting to meet Josh Turner (eeek!!!!) and have him sign my lanyard for the night!

Working in television can be difficult with the schedules and such, but there are also times that I get to have some fun and fan-girl out!

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