CAPE has more than one meaning this week

CAPE stands for Convective Available Potential Energy — measure of the amount of energy available for storm to develop (convection – vertical transport of heat and moisture) but this week, I have decided CAPE is going to stand for something different for me.

This week, CAPE stands for:

This week I am going to CHALLENGE myself to continue my workout even thought I am on vacation and away from my gym.

I am going to continue to ACCELERATE towards my goals and take care of myself.

I will PUSH myself to not get bogged down by feeling bad one day or having to take a break for my body.

I will EXCEED past where I was last week, last month, or even last year!

This week I have taken off work and decided to spend it with my parents in Texas. I saw my mom about two months ago when she helped my husband and I move in together at a new place. I haven’t seen my dad or my grandmother (she lives with my parents) since hubby and I got back from the honeymoon (more than 3 months ago).


Since I am not home and unable to go to the gym (don’t want to sign up for a week pass to any of the gyms in my hometown), I am going to try a new workout. I saw something on Pinterest and on a couple different blogs I follow.

  • Take a deck of cards
  • Create a specific exercise for each suit
  • Shuffle the deck
  • Draw a card, each number is how many reps you have to do of that workout. Face cards are 10 and aces are 11.
  • Try to knock out half the deck or do a time limit

You can do it a few different ways – either keep your exercises the same for each day or change it up as this one does. I’m going to try for the same everyday this week to see how it goes.


Staying with my plan and continuing to work towards the goals are one of the mental keys for me.

Keep on drinking water; keep on working out; continue to watch what I am eating (although this week with me interesting).

On Wednesday, I will be going to the State Fair of Texas with my mom and some of our family friends. As many people know – fair food is not safe or nice to any diet, BUT I am determined that we will walk and walk and that it will be my cheat day.


If I continue to challenge and accelerate, then I will be able to push myself to continue. By trying a new workout this week, I hopefully we will be able to keep a close eye on my body.

Listening to my body, not over-doing it, and trying not to pull a muscle or hurt my muscles is a hard thing for me. When I decide I want to work out, I tend to go too hard and end up in pain for a week or so.

This push is not about pushing it on weights or pushing to do more reps – instead it is about pushing myself to listen to my body and pay attention to it.


Going past what I think I can do or what other people think I can do. I will be able to do ______ *insert your goal here*. I will push past what Negative Nancy thinks I can do.

It isn’t just about the athletic life or your health goals, it is also in your personal life, professional life, or your social life.

If you end up trying the deck of cards workout above, let me know! What exercises did you try? Did you end up liking it?


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