The challenge to rise continues…

CIN: Convective Inhibition or basically what keeps parcels of air from rising and eventually developing into storms.

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote. Since then, I have returned to Oklahoma from my week in Texas. I did well with my deck of cards workout, not eating too much at the fair, and staying on track.

Since being back, things have been a roller coaster. The temperatures have literally been changing like they are on a roller coaster, my husband and I threw our first party in the new house, and I finally made a menu plan for us this upcoming week.

Last week, we didn’t make it to the gym; I had to work what I like to call the crazy shift. I got to work at 2AM and didn’t leave until 1PM because I had to do our 5-hour morning show and our hour long noon show.  Generally, that wouldn’t be a problem. I would be able to go to the gym, have dinner, and still get a decent amount of sleep; instead of that, I came home and unpacked as much as I could before the party. I was only getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep each night unfortunately.

Going back and looking, I actually did decent with the amount and types of food I was eating, the amount of water I was drinking, and my daily step counts were up (I’m sure because of the unpacking that I was doing).

On this Monday, when I typically write my “Tracking the Change” blogs, I am actually off work. Why would I be off when I normally work Monday through Friday? Oh, that is because I have to work a Saturday to cover one of my co-workers.

This upcoming week, I am determined to over come my CIN, or what keeps me from rising to the occasion to better myself. This week, the hubby and I are going to actually follow our meal plan, hit up the gym this week, and get a proper amount of sleep.

How am I going to beat these things that are stopping me?

Let’s start with the meal plan: it helps that I actually wrote one out this week. We bought the things we need for the first few days. I’ve learned that we don’t follow for an entire week if we buy it all at once. My goal is that if I go a few days at a time, we will be able to make it work than better before.

Going to the gym: When the husband gets home from work, we do well going to the gym. My goal is to knock out 15-20 minutes of cardio work, 15-20 minutes of weight work, and then either some stretching or some time in the steam room/dry sauna. I’ve noticed that spending time in either the sauna or steam room actually helps my muscles just a little bit. By spending time at the gym, I hope that helps my last thing that is stopping me.

Proper amount of sleep: Knowing enough about myself, I know that I need at least 8 hours of sleep every night. When I am behind on sleep or not quite feeling like myself, I need more sleep. Hopefully by eating well and going to the gym, I will be tired enough to actually fall asleep and get solid sleep versus waking up every few hours.

I know that this particular post isn’t full of my positive pictures and such, but on this particular day it is cold and I’m huddled under a blanket writing this.


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