New Year, New Challenges!


Yeah, yeah, yeah — I know how cliche is the title? But the thing is, that is how I am looking at this year.

Not only am I challenging myself with different things, but I want each week to be a new type of challenge for me. A new workout challenge. A new cooking challenge. A new mind-set or even a grocery shopping challenge.

Not only do I have my resolutions for this year, but I am working on little things to help with some stuff around the house.

My resolutions for 2018 are:

  • Drop a couple of dress sizes (I will be the first to admit — I’m only semi-happy with where I am at. I haven’t weighed myself since before the wedding, but I can tell my dresses fit a tad different — time ti change that!)
  • Find something positive EVERY SINGLE DAY! (I’ve become such a Negative Nancy over the last year that I want to try to fix that and see all the good things that are in my life).
  • Gain a certification for my job

Those are my personal resolutions. Obviously one of them is a year long commitment while another will be until it is achieved.

With this being the first full year that the hubby and I have been married, we decided to set some resolutions together as well. Here are just a few

  • Recycle more (we moved into a part of town that actually has curb-side cycling so we are opening to reduce waste)
  • Become more money aware (we’ve started planning some trips and remembered that it isn’t just the actual cost of going and getting there, but also what you want to do/get while there so saving up for more spending money lol)

With all that being said, my goal to use this platform as an accountability partner and working towards my other goals is being renewed for 2018!


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