The Beginning of a New Chapter

A new chapter in my life began back in June when I married my college sweetheart. At the time of our wedding, we had been together for nearly 6 years. We’ve spent the last 8 months married and living together.

For the next chapter, we decided that we wouldn’t try for two-legged human children. Instead, we are getting a four-legged fury child.

Hubby and I are getting a puppy! A few months before we got married, S (hubby) agreed that I could get a dog. I grew up with St. Bernard’s and had a Cocker Spaniel through middle school and most of high school. I was ready to have a big dog again that could also be an inside dog.

I kept telling S that I wanted a Standard Poodle but he wasn’t having it. We finally agreed on a poodle mix. I spent about a month searching for a dog but everything was out of our driving distance, price point, or we were never fast enough to be considered for one of the rescues.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I started talking with someone that her dogs recently had a litter of puppies. These puppies were full Standard Poodles. The pictures were adorable (as most puppies are). S actually thought they were cute! A video was posted a few days later of the puppies starting to walk around. S fell in LOVE with one of the puppies. He was SOLD on the idea of a poodle puppy finally!

We kept searching for a slightly older dog but every dog we came across had some type of red flag or again, we weren’t fast enough. One dog finally seemed possible! We drove 3 hours to meet the dog only to have MULTIPLE red flags come up once meeting the dog.

After that, we were really considering a puppy. I reached out to the lady with the puppies S liked…all but one were still available and they had just gone through temperament testing. I looked at their testing results and we found two that fit into our lifestyle. We drove to meet them (just 30 minutes from our house this time) and we really liked one.

We placed the deposit on the dog and we are picking him up in a little over a week from this post!! This is a picture from the current owner:

He is black now but will be a more silver color once he is grown. With S and I both being science nerds and nerds in general, we decided the puppy needed a science/nerdy name. After some minor discussions after meeting the dog, we decided only one name on our list fit the dog: Mercury.

We are in the process of gathering all the things needed for a new puppy in the house. That includes figuring out where to place the crate, food bowls, food storage, and cleaning up the little things S and I leave around.

Be prepared! There are going to be so many pictures and posts of the ups and downs of #LivingWithMercury


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