The Final Prep and Countdown

We are just a few days away from bringing home our new four-legged furry child. Mercury’s grandparents have been told, his uncles have been told, and I PRAY we are ready!

The crate and food/treats were delivered this past week. The bowls are set up and ready to go. Toys have been bought and are in their place.

S and I are headed to Dallas this weekend to attend a couple’s shower for some of my good friends. We’ll be headed back to Tulsa late Saturday/early Sunday so that we can pick up Mercury and welcome him into our home!! 🙂

We’ve spent the last week cleaning, setting up, and puppy-proofing the house. All the Christmas is FINALLY back up in the attic, everything I can see that a puppy would chew on is picked up and I think we are ready.

If you want to follow along on this journey – check out #LivingWithMercury on Instagram. He is already posting a few things and making sure the world is ready for more pictures and his journey of growing up.



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