#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Rachel Carson


Courtesy: Smithsonian

#WomenInSTEMWednesday is one of my favorite days of the week! Today I’m highlighting Rachel Carson.

Many times, these ladies’ names are not known to everyone. Today’s may not be known to many outside of the environmental activists, but we have her to thank for several things, including how much we care about our environment.

After getting her degrees in zoology, she worked for the US Fisheries Bureau as a scientist, writer and editor. She stayed at the bureau for 12 years before leaving to work on other books, including Silent Spring.

That book digs into the impacts on ecosystems from pesticides. There are a few chapters that also detail the impacts on humans. Many chemical companies tried to discredit Carson but when a tv special report seen by about 15 million people and President John F. Kennedy’s Science Advisory Committee Report came out, pesticides became a major public issue.#WomenInSTEM

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