About Me

I’m a meteorologist for a television station. During my free time, I enjoy taking pictures of what I see – whether it is a gorgeous sunset, a cold temperature reading, or my friends and I having a blast with each other.

Recently, I married a wonderful guy that I met my freshman year of college. We met through a mutual friend that was like a big-sister to me during college. There will be times that I talk about him and reflect on our wedding. I’ll refer to him as the hubby or as S.

I’m striving to change my lifestyle and become a healthier person. Working the early morning television hours isn’t always the best for my diet or my social life – I have days with fair skies and days with scattered showers.

Each section of this site has it’s own little “theme”. Some sections are used as accountability for myself to take care of things and myself. Some are used to show a little insight into a TV meteorologist’s life while others are just about weather and some things I like in general.

  • Tracking the Change
    • Weather never sleeps, so meteorologists never sleep. Right? HA! The hours of someone that works with the weather or studies the weather can be hard. When you double that with the television hours, life can be difficult. The early morning hours where only McDonalds and Whataburger are open, to staying WAY past when places close for dinner, staying in shape and eating healthy can be difficult. Join me as I track my daily goal to eat a little healthier, go to the gym, and actually train for my third half marathon (didn’t train for the first two — oops!).
  • Working Woman
    • The life of someone in television can be fun, intense, and stressful. Take a little peak into the early morning time frame and long hours I live.
  • Living with Mercury
    • Mercury is a Standard Poodle that joined the family as a puppy in February of 2018. This is the first BIG adventure as a married couple and we’ll be going through all the joys and negatives of Mercury growing up with us.
  • Crafting for Fun
    • I really enjoy doing crafts. Some are for presents while others are for things around the house. With a new dog, I’ll sure there will be more projects around the corner.
  • Quotes I Love
    • Day to day there are things that make you think, make you smile, and make you appreciate life. Some of them deserved to be share.
  • Weather 101
    • From watches/warnings to safety to records being broke, there are all types of things to learn.

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