#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Yvonne Brill

In honor of NASA wanting to put a WOMAN on the moon, this week's #WomenInSTEMWednesday is going back into space! Today's #WomenInSTEM is Yvonne Brill. In the air and space community, Yvonne Brill is most well known for her contribution of the electrothermal hydrazine thruster (fancy terms for a chemical propulsion thruster, which was still … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Yvonne Brill

#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Mae Carol Jemison

Today is the birthday of this week's #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Mae Jemison! Jemison was the first African-American woman in space but was also so much more! She is a trained dancer, has a medical degree and started numerous companies. When Jemison was growing up, she was enamored with the Apollo missions but noticed that no one looked like … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Mae Carol Jemison