#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Ada Lovelace

Last week's #WomenInSTEMWednesday took us into space, this week we'll come back down to Earth and head back in time to Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace had a gift for mathematics and is considered to be one of the first computer programmers. She was taught math and science beginning at a young age and continued to learn some … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Ada Lovelace

#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Tara Astigarraga

This week’s #WomenInSTEMWednesday is going to be a little different. Instead of talking about women of the past that have paved the way, I’m going to a current woman that is working on mentoring and diversifying the workplace. Tara Astigarraga is an “IBM Master Inventor” with more than 65 patents filed, a recipient of the 2016 American … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Tara Astigarraga