#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Ellen Ochoa

Bringing this week's #WomenInSTEMWednesday a tad closer to home. Dr. Ellen Ochoa has one ofUnion Public Schools - Tulsa, OK named after her. She is the first Hispanic female astronaut and the second female director for Johnson Space Center. Before she became an astronaut, Ochoa was a researcher at the Energy Department’s Sandia National Lab and the NASA … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Ellen Ochoa

#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Helen Taussig

  This week's #WomeninSTEM transformed what was once considered a "dead-end specialty" - pediatric cardiology. Helen Taussig is considered the founder of pediatric cardiology. At the time of her entering the field, physicians were able to diagnose heart defects but weren't able to really treat them, especially in children. Taussig wanted that changed. She spent more than … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Helen Taussig

#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Ruby Hirose

Are you a suffering this allergy season? Well, this week’s #WomenInSTEMdid research on pollen extracts to help!! Ruby Hirose was a Japanese-American biochemist with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in pharmacology. During a time when fear mongering was going on, Hirose flourished and gave back to America when many couldn’t. She was conducting research in Ohio … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Ruby Hirose

#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Barbara McClintock

Time for another #WomenInSTEMWednesday! This week’s goes into genetics with Barbara McClintock who was the first woman to win a solo Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1983). McClintock made a number of groundbreaking discoveries in genetics including the discovery of genetic transposition (when genes change positions on chromosomes). But what is this genetic transposition? It is how … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Barbara McClintock