#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Sau Lan Wu

I'm getting back in the swing of things and writing these WEEKLY again! This week's #WomenInSTEMWednesday is Sau Lan Wu, one of the most important people in her field - particle physics. She has made many groundbreaking discoveries including leading a team that was instrumental in observing the Higgs boson. Wu was born in Hong … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Sau Lan Wu

#WomenInSTEMWednesday: Emmy Noether

Some say that today's #WomenInSTEMWednesdayisn't well known in the STEM community despite her work being regularly used. Emmy Noether was a mathematician and theoretical physicist that was lucky enough to work with Albert Einstein. She grew up in Germany in the late 1800s in a Jewish family of mathematicians and wanted to be like them. Emmy … Continue reading #WomenInSTEMWednesday: Emmy Noether